About Dermalogix

Dermalogix Partners, Inc. was founded in 1995 by a person who knows first-hand the physical and emotional pain of chronic skin conditions: a sufferer of severe plaque psoriasis himself. Frustrated with the far reaching impact of his condition on his life, he dedicated himself to developing a topical treatment that would both relieve his physical symptoms quickly and provide long term clearance so that he could enjoy all that life offers. He put together a small team of analytical chemists, physicians, researchers and investors. In less than a year they developed DermaZinc®, which has since become one of the most effective and one of the best selling topical treatments for chronic skin disorders.

Given the company’s history, it is no surprise that Dermalogix Partners, Inc. today is dedicated to understanding and addressing the total impact of chronic skin disorders, both the physical and emotional effects of these conditions on sufferers. The company pursues this mission by working to develop the fastest acting, longest lasting symptomatic treatments available.

Each new Dermalogix product is a step forward in the company’s continuous efforts to advance the frontiers of symptomatic skin disorder treatment. Each is endorsed by physicians, pharmacists and customers. Each has been developed to alleviate the suffering and let people live fuller, happier lives.

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