DermaZinc™ Soap

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DermaZinc™ Soap

Throughout the ages, oatmeal has been a part of treating skin conditions. Dermalogix Partners has updated and strengthened this historic treatment with the addition of the active ingredient zinc pyrithione to create DermaZinc™ Soap.



DermaZinc™ Soap is extremely effective, providing relief of chronic skin conditions. It is safe for both adult and pediatric daily use. Many patients have reported successful results using DermaZinc™ Soap for treating acne and fungal conditions, as well as diaper rash and cradle cap.

For severe chronic conditions, Dermalogix Partners, Inc. recommends asking a health care professional about the use of prescription strength DermaZinc™.  Maintain healthy skin by using OTC products a minimum of three times a week to keep the condition under control. DermaZinc™ is not a cure, if the condition returns, repeat prescription and maintenance process.