Frequently Asked Questions

No.  All of our DermaZinc® products are sold over the counter.  You can purchase directly from us via this website or by phone.  You can also purchase from a variety of pharmacies throughout the country.  We do recommend for those suffering from severe chronic skin conditions considering speaking with a professional about the use of prescription strength DermaZinc®.

We do not. Dermalogix Partners, Inc manufactures over the counter products. In order to obtain the prescription strength, you need to have it filled by a pharmacy that does compounding. Visit our Pharmacy Locator to see if you have one near you.

Everyone’s skin is different.  While we always recommend consulting a professional for a proper diagnosis, we have received very positive feedback from people who have used our products. People have communicated to us that DermaZinc® has helped with a wide variety of skin conditions.

We typically ship via UPS. If you place an online order, you should receive a notice from UPS, including a tracking number by email. If you order by phone, we suggest supplying us with an email address that we can add to your order.