New Website

New Website


We are happy to launch our new website. Throughout the site you will find all the information you will need to learn about DermaZinc™. New to the website is our pharmacy locator where you can find places near you that carry DermaZinc™. A new testimonial page with a time lapse video of a women who had success using DermaZinc™ and a section that allows you to share your own testimonial. A new shopping cart which makes it easier to purchase any of our products.

For professionals, we have a new sample request form, downloadable prescription pads and compounding instructions.

We will continue to update the new website and appreciate your feedback.

  1. Harry J. Goldy
    Harry J. Goldy01-06-2016

    I once submitted a compound prescription to a CVS pharmacy. They could not do the compounding. Is there any way that CVS pharmacies can do the compounding prescriptions? (eg. send them the compounding instructions.)


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